Haley Delana Smith – Orem, Utah Utah


Haley Delena Smith of Orem Utah….let me tell you. This girl not only slept with MY boyfriend of 3 years, but also attempted to sleep with the husband of another mutual friend of ours. I lived with this skank for two years and watched her bring in a new dude every other day. Guys off tinder, guys she met at the bar, guys from work; she could meet a guy behind a dumpster, and as long as he made her feel pretty for a couple minutes she’d invite him into her pants. She likes to portray this sweet, inspirational persona on social media, when she’s really the snakiest slut I’ve ever met. I should have known to be cautious of her once she came home bragging about the married man she had convinced to come over. I’ve dumped both the boyfriend and her as a friend, but have since found out that she was telling him lies behind my back. That I was the one bringing random guys over, and that she was worried I had a drug problem. She is one of the fakest, most disgusting females I have ever met in my life and I’m ashamed to have ever lived in the same (likely) STD infested apartment as this witch.

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