Haley Elizabeth Stocks – Tahlequah, Oklahoma Oklahoma


Introducing a classic homewrecking slut: Haley Elizabeth Stocks. A local celebrity, Miss Northeastern State University 2010 and a member of the Muskogee Musical Arts Society. This white trash slag claims to be a devout, pious Christian but has no problem pursuing married men. Ho-Nasty is a cheap minimum wage admin assistant at NSU where she literally throws herself on the professors like flies on shit. This possum faced mutt is a total fraud. A sneaky river rat that lives at home so she’d drive her married boyfriends into the woods for some desperate tramp action where hobos camp. Beyond disgusting, even for a trifling tuna Sasquatch. || She is a messy ratchet-ass Snoopy face ugly bitch who strips for random scumbags on the internet while parading around drunk in her plastic tiaras. Her family knows she is a gross fucked up bitch, they staged an intervention for her drinking and afterwards she starts handing out bibles trying to convert her married boyfriend. Miss Haley Stocks should have read her bible because God doesn’t send whores other people’s husbands. Especially not if the bitch is a sack of maggot filled townie dog meat. Ladies of the state of Oklahoma, especially Tahlequah, Muskogee and Tulsa, watch out for this hick trash low-life. || She’ll sit next to you in church or teach your kid piano but if this podunk-spreads-like-peanut-butter dumb slut takes a shine to your man, she won’t blink twice. She is easy to spot, just look for a beak-face she-male kraken dressed in Forever 21 sale bin returns dripping vomit from her Krispy Kreme binge stinking of wet dog and jizz. Oh and she’ll be wearing her tacky, crusty skank .99 cent Wet and Wild eyeliner like Avril Lavigne. This rough trade sewer slut needs a mood stabilizer script, a paper bag for her head or better yet, a head transplant with Cujo would be an improvement. And Miss Gutter Turd 2016 needs to learn to stay the fuck away from other females husbands.

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