Halie Gordon – Saint Louisville, Ohio Ohio


This 25 year old drug user goes to the bar in town and manages to get men to sleep with her, then she keeps contact with them until she gets them to leave their girlfriend/wife and then she out of nowhere disappears on them. She is only amused by them until they try to get her to commit to them by leaving their significant others and them asking her to do the same. It’s quite sad really, she was engaged to her child Nova’s father Ryan Wilson until she was caught, yet again sleeping around and spreading her STDS. I wouldn’t be surprised if the little boy wasn’t Ryan’s. She’s known to have slept with all of her friends spouses and given them curable std’s but who know’s what else is lurking in that canyon pussy of hers. On several counts, she’s taken men outside to the parking lot and given them either sex or oral then returned into businesses and left with another subject. I feel sorry for anyone caught in her wake. Women and men end up paying for her mess. As a long time friend, and enemy, I have experienced this all first hand. Watch out if she’s suddenly getting close with you, it’s all a trap to lower you and your mate or friends into her trap. She isn’t all that clever and she’s a coward who refuses to fight or admit she’s responsible for anything. Beat that bitch up before she runs away to hide from you.

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