Halie Gordon – Utica, Ohio Ohio


This skank told guys she’d sleep with them in the bar bathrooms if they would choose her over theor girlfriends. This happened twice at Village Inn, twice at Tonys Bar and onve at Freddys Inn that i am aware of. This skank text my boyfriend and offered herself up free with aome tampon hanging out of her hairy brown roast beef pussy. He asked if shes done this before and her response was I won’t tell if you won’t tell. She told him shed leave her boyfriend if he left his gf. She didn’t, infact she decided that she would have several and pass around chlamydia and Gonorhea. She also sent photos of other girls and claimed they were her… Missing her tattoos. Talk about low self esteem. I was informed she uses fake pregnancies to keep men around but they fjnd out she’s lying. She told me once she liked to clam-bake (smoke weed) with her mom next to her son so he would sleep longer. I reported her to children services. She sells adderall and does meth. Shes usually in a bar trying to get someones attention. Her go to move is to smear her stank ass on your leg or someone near her target so they can “admire” her wack ass dance moves. She does typical “woe catch me I’m drunk.” or “Can you drive me home.” move. She makes up fake emails and accounts to stalk both male and female parties as well as friending them on her real account. Snapchat is full of her classy act. || She has several pages becasue she cant accept no from anyone, including my friend who’s moved on and had a child with his fiance… Now and again she claims to have lost his first child and their Daugher should have been hers. I recall steaking out on a mission with her where she would meet a guy at work just to bring lunch & talk sh*t to him about his gf saying she was out with some other person to make him feel coaxed into having an affair with her. It’s probably one of the tricks she used on my ex to lay with her… And then we both wound up burned with her chlamydia. Her former best friend just got married last month and the other is engaged and they both have bedded halie. Those two choose to stay with their unloyal men. One of them even caught clap. With all these stories being public, i don’t know what inclines anyone to test the rotten hoitchie. I guess some are gullible and desperate. I’m here to warn you fellas and women, guard yourselves. I know men are responsible for their actions but getting slipped a few words and photos are enough to make women leave their spouse & she will be there comforting him saying texting aint cheating and now that she’s left you, i can come over… Texting is how this weasel starts digging into your relationships… “Dont tell her i wrote or she’ll get jealous and we won’t be friends” was a line i saw her text… I should have known after she betrayed her other friends that i wasn’t safe either.

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