Halifax Complaint


Contacted ombudsman about claiming bank charges back under the hardship rules.Was sent the forms sent them back with all my proofs of hardship.After hearing nothing for a few weeks i rang halifax and explained my case the lady came back to me after a while and said the person who was making the decision on my case was taking too long and had been told to do it that week. A couple of days later i recieved a letter from him declining my hardship claim. I just couldnt understand it because the reason that was given was we had enough money and we were living within our overdraft limit.I rang to speak to the person who made this decision but he refused to speak to me.I then asked for an overdraft increase because we couldnt afford to keep going overdrawn but was refuse because YES CAN YOU BELIEVE IT we keep going overdrawn and carnt keep within the limit we have.Claim has gone back to ombudsman to wait another two months to be resubmitted because of back log. Mean while we continue to struggle and feed the children.

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