HandHelditems.com Montgomery Alabama Review


Bad business ethic really gets under my skin. I cannot stand when companies are trying to rob us. Do you think I am just going to sit around and let you steal my money HandHelditems.com? I mean really!? Partially this is my fault as I should have read all the bad reviews before I even attempted to purchase from these people. And so it all begins.. Cats have fleas, cats come in, dogs get fleas.. couches beds and even company get fleas.. Boo! I know. I go online to shop for Frontline spray because I am cheap and the spray lasts longer. HandHelsitems comes up in my search as the best priced IN STOCK place to purchase from. I go through the process of checkout, use my paypal account and send them $41.10 for a 250 ml spray bottle of Frontline. I get my account information and the ORDER PROCESSED information. Well, yesterday at about 6:00p.m. approximately 32 hours after my order was “processed”” I get an email saying that the Frontline was out of stock and discontinued and I would be refunded. First off it should not take this long to let me know that the item is not in stock. Second

I had not received a refund.. No refund! So I contact them through there little contact page and let them know how displeased I am with the way this was handled and I would like my refund immediately so that I can purchase the Frontline from a company with some business ethic. I am not a rich woman

I do not have $100 to put out on some flea spray at one time (ya dig!) I get a reply that my money would be refunded TODAY. (Today being yesterday November 17th.) I can provide that email by forward if anyone is interested in seeing that proof! Well

I wake up this morning and guess what?? NO REFUND! So I call and send numerous email trying to figure out why. I am assured that I will get a refund today. The accountant is not in but when she gets in they will refund my money through paypal. (Mind you please that there is a little button that says issue refund that you use to issue a refund with paypal

hard? I think not!) Ok

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