Hannah Elizabeth Cobb – Virginia Beach, Virginia Virginia


Ms. Hannah thought it was smart to pursue my husband knowing he was a married man. Under flash pretenses she believed I was moved out, came to my home saw my clothes shoes and pictures on the wall and yet continued pursuing my husband. After my husband admits his wrong doing and cuts her off she then decided to stalk our family vacation and bombarding both our phones with messages. After explaining to her numerous times to go away and to respect our family she wouldn’t stop messaging my husband. She should he ashamed of herself. She has a daughter what kind of example is this showing your child to be a thirsty bitch is acceptable. And she don’t want to put in work and find a man who’s available she wants the ones established and with a family that’s worked hard made sacrifices to get where they are in life. So what example to her child is this?! Laziness or the way street. She needs to grow up and he a woman and not a little child wanting what she can’t have.

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