Harbor Freight La Center Washington Review


We purchased a 6 X 8 green house from harbor freight a couple months back, we found out we had to move so I did not set up the green house right away. I went to set it up today and found out the several of the pieces are missing from the just opened box, I called and spoke to the “gentleman”” who stated he would “”provide excellent customer service””

yea right…. I told him what parts were missing and he informed me that they no longer made part number 34 (the frame base). But the other parts were available for purchase

I told him there should not be a cost since they were not in the box; he told me I should just return it to the store and a refund or exchange. I have yet to purchase anything from this store that is of any quality! Now I have a green house ($399) that does not have the parts and I cannot get the parts and I no longer live where I purchased it from (1800 miles away). Not excellent customer service at all!”

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