Hard Rock Hotels Review


This 5 star hotel gets all 5 stars fro ripping off its guests. What Hard Rock Hotels does and how they operate is by ripping off its guests who have any type of misfortune such as emergency surgery, life threatening situations, medical emergencies, or any type of misfortune befallen them. They get their stars and credits by stealing money from hotel guests. They have NO CONCERN for their guests other than seeing how much money they can gouge them for, no matter what type of unfortunate events they encounter, or whether or not they can keep their reservations due to emergencies. The Hotel will bill you no matter what and keep your money, no matter you complain, they are deaf, and can only see dollar bills for their 5 stars. STAY away from HARD ROCK HOTELS. DO NOT stay in ANY of their properties. YOU have been WARNED, or you will be their NEXT victim

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