Harry Ritchies Jewelry bellingham Washington Review


I opened a credit account with Harry Ritchies in march. They said they approve anyone and I thought it could help re-establish my credit. I asked about the terms. I was told that they hold the merchandise until you pay it off. I said ” Like lay away””? The store manager said yes. nI had bought a diamond ring from them in April then put a nice watch and ring on the account. The rings were for my fiancee. I was never late and I always purchased insurance. In July my fiancee was diagnosed with cardio mayopathy and was at high risk for sudden cardiac failure. She was admitted in the hospital and needed a pace maker (she was 21). nI called Harry Ritchies because obviously this put me into a financial strain (not to mention the emotional effects). They said paying next month would be no problem. Well it is a month and two days later. I had forgotten about the account because I was tending to my fiancee’s funeral arraingments when I recieved a card in the mail saying I was a Harry Ritchies gold member. nThis reminded me of my account. I went to the store 1 day late and explained the circumstances. They not only put my account in default but kept the merchandise and money I had paid

then even had the nerve to say I owed them eight dollars!! My insurance was to cover medical emergency and this didn’t count. Nor did it matter my fiancee passed. They didn’t even say sorry for my loss. I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND NOT DOING BUSINESS WITH THESE THEIVES. nGregnbellingham


1 Bellis Fair Mall Parkway Bellingham, Washington U.S.A.

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