Hartford Auto Club Hurst Texas


Complaint: received a phone call offering 15 day trial… about 3/4 thru the conversation, i told them no thank you, i wasn’t interested. then, surprise, on my next bank statement there it was.. $99 withdrawal.. i had to call the bank just to get a # to contact them to get a refund, called and was told they would “investigate”” to see if i really did agree. i told her i never even received any info to know they thought i requested this or to know to cancel before the trial was over… she said it showed in the system that it had been mailed.. so it didn’t matter. so

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Address: my car broke down yesterday and i thought since i have this service against my will

Website: i just thought it was junk mail and threw it away!! am scared now.. :o( Sue Hurst

Phone: i may as well use it. i called the c.s. # and was given a number to call for towing. i called that # for over 3 hrs and it was busy… finally just called a local company. when i called later to again demand my fees back.. i was told to fax in the receipt for reimbursement.. they wouldn’t even discuss refunding my fees and letting me cancel this… we’ll see if i get a refund. has anyone had any luck getting rid of these parasites.. also

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