HaulBikes Complaint


After receiving an estimated delivery time of three weeks, I contracted with haulbikes.com to ship my 1998 Valkyrie from Florida to my new home in New Mexico. They picked up my motorcycle on March 26th and told me it would go to Pennsylvania where it would be put on a different truck and shipped to New Mexico. On March 27th I received an email with an estimated delivery timeframe of three weeks. It has been six weeks and it still has not left Pennsylvania. When Valkyries sit for more than 3-4 weeks without running, the fuel tends to varnish in the six carburetors and the bike will either not run, or run very poorly. A carburetor cleaning costs $800-$1, 000. If I had been told it would take more than four weeks I would not have hired them. I’ve been in contact via email and phone and so far been given the run around. They said I might be eligible for a price adjustment. I’m asking for a full refund from them. Furthermore, if they don’t deliver my motorcycle soon, I will report the matter as a theft.

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