Hawthorne Housing Authority Review


Ok so I can’t leave a review for hawthorne housing authority because It won’t allow me to so to start with my complaint I have nothing good to say about them names are Guido Fernandez and the Director Hamid up to no good the hawthorne housing authority displayed a high degree of unprofessionalism in dealing with client concerns and client resolutions long story short don’t move to hawthorne period. They need to restaff the agency and replace them with people who are more customer service oriented they terminate my assistance I have a disability and two kids I just had a baby and it’s like saying fuck me and my kids my rights were violated I don’t have a job At this time and have no money to get a attorney so I have to fight them back on my own I took a total lost I would give them zero stars but I have to pick one karma will get the ones that do the other people wrong and that’s what they did god will fight for me I love Jesus I pray for them can anyone contact me on how to get a lawsuit going this is the route I’m headed please help I have had to go to a therapist because of my situation I’m easy to cry I got two kids someone lied on me and they terminate me from hawthorne housing authority so now my life has been difficult I have a lot of depression I have kids and a disability what am I going to do now they don’t care its not their money someone if you could help with any advice please contact me I’m trying to contact the city manager and he has not returned my call yet I wish I never left where I came from I’m warning people do not port out to hawthorne this could happen to you I wish I could protest on them I contact Mike Goodson the City Manager he did nothing to help they don’t care about you in hawthorne they will do you like a dog and they are getting money and kicking poor people off of section 8 for nothing I had a attorney and she flaked on me now idk what to do can some one help this is a cold world people do you any kind of way if you let them .

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