Haylee Freeman – Coloma, Michigan Michigan


Okay, so this girl Haylee Freeman was my “twin” except she had no self respect or morals. We were just needy and liked the same games. She became a close friend of mine once upon a time and I realized she was far more into this ex of hers whom was married then her own fiancÚ. I brought it to my boyfriends attention whom was friends with her her fiancÚ. They both disregarded it. Fast forward she sends nude photos along with multiple love messages to said married man and they pop up on the fiance’s computer. He boots her out completely. Ruined two relationships in one hit. Became suicidal, like they all do. Cause they know deep down they are lowlife trash and deserve to never truly be loved. Fast forward again me and my boyfriend hit a rough patch and in the midst of trying to work through things Haylee strikes again. This is not the first time she’s cheated nor will it be the last. She will never be anything more than a triple threat HOMEWRECKER. If you come across her she’s only good for sex but then you better run.

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