HCA POWER Darien Illinois Review


HCA Power customer care 888-294-4134, very nasty people. I talked to Taanic rep. #385 ordered their product over the phone. I was specifically told I was being given a free trial of their product, and all I had to pay was shipping. Fine, I agreed. I was told I would be charged the full $79.99 for the next 2 months unless I called within the first 15 days of the order date, fine with me. I was told they would pay me for every pound I lost if I did their 90-day-challenge. I was told again, in this challenge – there is nothing mandatory and I could cancel anytime without a problem if I did not like or see results with their product. Upon calling today within the first 15 days, I was told a different story: That I must be charged first for the folloiwng 2 months and then I can cancel if I am not satisfied. I said, “that is not what you told me

and that is not the agreement. When I said I wanted to talk to the manager because I was never told of those

and that I specifically asked the following questions: Will I be charge anything beside the shipping cost? Replied: No. Can I cancel anytime? Replied: Yes

anytime after today. Is there any obligation to pay for more products with what am agreeing to receive? Replied: No. Two reps on the phone rudely hunged up on me. I also have reported this matter to the Illinois and Ohio States Atorney General Office

The Better Busines Bureau and some other consumer complaint agencies. Baba.”

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