Agreed to pay only $9.95 for shipping for the hcaplus liquid weight reduction product. Told that if I was not satisfied that the product was not working for me to call and cancel the order 15 days from the day I received it. I called and canceled the order 4/17/14 and got an email confirmation that my subscription had been updated an any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled.. Given a CSvc# 1-888-964-6728 to call if any questions. I call this # which was the 4th call made. Spoke to a person (Susan). and shared my complaint. Three previous calls had been made to this #(1-888-980-1383) All four people had the same talking points and did not want to listen to my explanation of what I was told during the initial order. I tried
to tell them I called on the 15th day and was told by the time I call to cancel, they had already sent the product before I cancelled it. I was told they do not accept returned products nor do they give refunds. When they said what they wanted to say they hung up. I do not know what state they are in and have no address. If it was on the box I no longer have it. So far my wt. has only fluctuated 2-4 tenth of a pound since I’ve been taking this hcaplus. It really appears to be a scam. Sure hope it they get caught. Thanks for your help.. I demand They be held accountable for the scam and misrepresentation of what the product will do.. I don’t recommend them

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