He started supplying drugs to my daughter!!!


Dr. William was the primary care physician of my mother. He had been her physician for almost 5 years now so you can understand his value in our family. He had become like a family member to all of us. But my mother died a few months ago. And after her death, we no longer required the services of Dr. William. I didn’t need his services and neither did my wife. But this scumbag is too greedy. He wanted to make more money and after my mother, he didn’t have many clients to go back to. My daughter has struggled with drugs for some years. She had stopped taking them but one day I found some in her bag. When I confronted her she got mad at me for going through her stuff. But later, she confessed to me that she had indeed started taking drugs. She also told me how she got back on the path of taking drugs.

I also found out that her new supplier was Dr. William himself. This guy was taking advantage of my daughter’s vulnerable condition. He started supplying her the drugs when she lost her grandmother. What kind of a person is he? I mean, how depraved do you have to be to do something like this? He didn’t even flinch. He just gave her the drugs because he wanted to create more income for himself. I confronted the guy and I was going to press charges against him. But he begged me not to for old times’ sake. I didn’t press any charges against him but I warned him that he shouldn’t think of pulling anything off like this in the future. Instead of improving himself, he called up my daughter and started calling her names. He was threatening her and she didn’t tell me anything. I found out later from her mother. Look, I don’t know what this guy’s deal is but he is clearly a lunatic. He is a money-hungry crook who can go to any extent for making money. He is unsafe. I’ve broken all contacts with this guy. I don’t think he’s fit for any kind of treatment at all. Now I wonder how my mother kept him as her physician for so long. In my opinion, he’s the worst doctor I’ve ever met. He has no ethics, no morals or values. All he cares about is money. In an ideal world, doctors like him wouldn’t even be allowed to work. And I don’t know how many other people are suffering because of this guy. He had done some serious crimes. I thought it was necessary for people to know the truth about Dr. William so they can make an informed decision about this guy. My daughter is back on the right path. This guy didn’t even stop for a second to realize what he was doing. He was ruining the future of a young lady. Just avoid this guy and you’ll be better off.

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