Health and Fitness Institute Deltona Florida Review


About two months ago, My Wife and I saw a television commercial for Orgreenic Skillets, and thought that they would be nice to have for our kitchen. My wife called the number given on the TV screen, and tried to order the pans. nNow, there are enough reports on here about, (which I wish we would have looked up first) so I’m not going to go too far into the details of her ordering experience. Let’s just say that the operator told her that she had to sign up for offer, after offer, after offer, and that she could cancel afterward, just to get her pans. My wife ended up hanging up on the operator, because she tried every other way to tell her that she didn’t want “one more offer.”” nShe cancelled all of the offers that she had signed up for

but apparently

there was one more that slipped in under the radar. And that is the one that I wish to talk about today. As we were checking out our bank account

and saw a charge for $59.95 to a company that we knew nothing about. nOur bank gave us the contact information

and I called the number. The business is calling themselves the Health & Fitness Institute

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