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Complete scam the coverage they tell you that you are getting is not accurate they say it’s for people with prestige existing conditions which I don’t even have they said I’m at risk bc I am 5foot 9 and 200 lbs which I don’t understand how that’s at risk at all bc I am very healthy and I was unable to cancel my policy even tho I was told I would be able to! Now I’m stuck in what they called a group plan which barely covers my RX prices they told me seventy percent would be covered turns out none was yes NONE also my doctors visits they said I would save 70 percent but I only save 30 I c a asked my friend about this policy and said it’s a joke and a scam and the only way out is say they defrauded me. This has made me waste my hard earned money that I work for and none has made me about to lose my home!

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