Heartland Bengal Complaint


Aug. 2014 sold a kitten (on payment plan) and gave Kelli Springer Brown a proven female, in a written agreement – I would receive either $1000 (pet price) or “pick kitten”. Miss Brown bred both females prior to paying them off; which was breach of contract – she did not legally own them. She did have sell kittens and failed to inform me. She did pay the kitten off that she purchased, but I never received anything from the agreement of the proven adult female agreement – I never received $1000 (pet price) or “pick kitten”. Miss Brown made no attempt to make a payment at all. I filed small claims in Sept. 2015 Case No. 03D02-1502-SC-1384. Miss Brown failed to appear on three different court dates. The judge ruled in my favor and issued a body attachment on Miss Kelli Brown Springer on the third/final court date Feb. 4, 2016. Miss Brown admits that she owes me the money but refuses to pay. She states in her text that she couldn”t appear due to not having a drivers license – she clearly doesn”t understand that after three missed court dates, the judge has made his decision, this case is closed and there is currently a body attachment issued against her.

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