Heartland Express, Inc.


When I showed up for orientation, it only took an hour to realize that I had been lied to from my recruiter Nate Rieken, and what a mistake I had made by trusting what I had heard. | So I left. Smartest move I ever made. | I tried numerous times requesting reimbursement for my travel expenses, but was routinely ignored, so I wrote a letter to CEO Michael Gerdin. As expected, complete lack of response and accountability. | At first I tried to be diplomatic about issues, thinking there was a misunderstanding, but now I realize that it was a misrepresentation about expectations, AND LIED TO. And no accountability to anyone’s actions. | I have given HeartLand Express over a month to be accountable, now I turn to forums and reviews with the hope that others don’t fall into the same trap as I. | Only been in trucking for 2 years, tired of being s*** on, and have moved on to another profession. | Truckers need to be treated with respect and dignity, not constantly s*** on, and maybe there wouldn’t be the turnover rate there is.

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