Heather Clausi – Kingston, New York New York


I would like to expose my home wrecker.  This has been going on for probably 6-7 months before I found out. 10 years with this man. Married 3 years. We have a daughter together. I was on my way home from work when my sister in law called me. She said she’s so sorry to hear that me and my husband are splitting. I knew nothing about this. Apparently he posted on Facebook that we were splitting and we were both happy with the decision and being civil. Ha! I knew none of this. He had deleted me as a friend before this posting. I had so many messages in my inbox about this. When I walked in the door I confronted him and flipped out. I went in my room. Locked the door. Came out half hour later. He was gone. I went on the computer to check our phone bill and ended up being able to log into his Facebook. Dummy he was for leaving the info on auto fill. I went directly into his messages and up they popped. Reading them made my legs numb. My entire body was numb. I had to run to the bathroom to vomit. || I texted her from his profile, confronting her. Of course she denied the entire affair. Few days later I found out where she lived and drove there. His car was there. Knocked on the door asking to speak to my husband and her friend answers and says he isn’t there. Long story short the homewrecker never comes out, but my husband does. Tells me to leave as I hear sirens. She called the cops on me. She knew about me the entire time and didn’t care. She knew my name enough to block me on Facebook. || He’s been gone ever since. Now it’s going on a month & half. He hasn’t contacted me, hasn’t contacted our daughter. Cancelled my bank card and hasn’t given me any money or helped with bills. All the mean while he’s taking her out on dates and spending time with her and HER son. Our daughter is 7 and is now in therapy due to missing her father. This has affected her tremendously. || I went a little emotionally crazy over him. This woman took my life away. Took my children’s life as they knew it away. She told him in the messages he was doing the right thing. She was the reason he posted the Facebook post. She didn’t believe he would leave us, so she wanted proof and that was it. She’s told me I’m crazy. I’m a liar. But of course because any man cheating on there wife is going to make the wife out to be a saint, so I am the”crazy” one. She had/has no respect for my children. None for me and obviously none for herself. || She can have him. You loose them how you get them. Her Karma will be coming back around.

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