Heather Doehler – Sayreville, New Jersey New Jersey


This girl Heather Doehler right here has destroyed a family. She is nothing but a liar. She came into this family’s life as a babysitter. She and the father of two children had an affair behind his live with girlfriend and mother of his children. Not only did she sleep with him numerus times she even got pregnant by him. She has done nothing but lied to people about who the father of her child is. She tried pinning this child on her ex boyfriend who she was with while having an affair with the father of the other children. She has done nothing but destroyed a family and now she won’t even leave him alone because she holds that child against him. She blackmailed him to seeing her but telling him that he can see his son. She won’t let the family work on things because she can’t get stop being a damn Home Wrecker.

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