Heather Kirby Deese – Oliver Springs, Tennessee Tennessee


This woman is going around towns from business to business and husband to husband ruining families. She only goes after married men and doesn’t care what kind of damage that she occurs as long as she gets what she wants and then throws them to the side and moves on to her next victim. My husband fell victim to her pity and her lies. He was not the only man at the time. She lies about being beaten and being alone…my husband has now realized the mistake he made and how he is disgusted and embarrassed by the type of woman she turned out to be. He and I will make it because we are strong but I was wanting to warn all the other women out there if your husband is getting late night text late night phone calls and naked photos more than likely it is her. She works for her own independent company at dealerships in the surrounding areas. She’s also a hairdresser in Oak Ridge.

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