Heather L. Green – Bedford, Iowa Iowa


Heather has been married to one of the kindest, sweetest, loyal, funny all around best Man I have ever known. I grew up with him and in the 10 yrs he’s been with I’ve watched her slowly suck the light from his soul. The past two years Heather has been through like 6 or 7 nursing jobs and as it turns out she was fired from all of them for stealing drugs. She’s been in and out of jail numerous times and still can’t take blame for any of it. Her husband of 10 yrs and 3 children stood behind her for all of it so what does he get in return for his loyalty. Heather has gone into total slut mode. Sleeping with guy after guy and even sleeping with woman at sex parties. She leaves her children alone at night ages 2,5,7 to go out and have sex with guys from in and around the area. She tells people she’s clean but she’s not. She still pops pills daily. She’s smoked pot recently and there’s even rumors that she’s wanting meth. Anyway she’s a home wrecking bitch and deserves everything coming to her. She never deserved my friend she was married to and I never did see what he saw in her. She’s all but wrecked him and she does it with a smile on her face the whole time. This woman has no heart no soul and no morals at all. Oh and evidently she thinks she’s a porn model cause people are saying she put porn pictures of herself all over slutty websites and she is not a little smoking hot 20yr old. She rather big and it’s disgusting what she did to her husband and children!! Stay away! Total crazy dirty skank!

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