Heather Lamb – Blue Springs, Missouri Missouri


This woman Heather Lamb came to me when I was subbing telling me how much she loved my husband and would do anything to get him. She is married with twin girls. She used her daughter stating her daughter has special needs just to get my husbands attention since my oldest children all have special needs. She also told my husband that her husband neglected her and that her husband treated her children badly due to the special needs. She lied and used my kids to get close to my husband. He felt sorry for her. She started stalking him at his second job and forced herself on him. He claims he was shocked but didnít know what else to do since he felt sorry for her and the way she stated she was getting treated at home and got caught up in it. She continued to stalk him and text him even after he told her he didnít want anything to do with her. She didnít care and continued stalking and texting. She is married with twins and will do anything to get what she wants and doesnít care whose marriage she ruins to get it. She wrecked out home life. She harassed my special needs child at school. She needs to be stopped. Others that worked with her claim she does this every other year having multiple affairs with whoever she can and doesnít value her marriage. She lied to my husband about me to try and keep him feeling sorry for her so he would leave me. She has no heart and doesnít care who she hurts in the process. As long as she gets what she wants, she is happy. Sadly she tries to portray herself as a good mom and good wife. She even takes her children with her to visit her affair partners. How sick is that? I donít want her doing this to any other marriages because it hurts and she doesnít care who or how she gets a man to feel sorry for her (once again, just as long as she gets what she wants). She wanted my man cause she saw how well our marriage was and how well he treated me.

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