Heather Nicole Hernandez – Fresno, California California


First off this “woman” Heather Nicole Hernandez has made several fake profiles of myself and continues to post about how I ruined her and her husbands marriage. I’m sorry when a man approaches someone and says they are separated, continued to see me and states they are no longer married. Went out on several dates with no attempted “wife” calling in on him or anything. She continues to state I “ruined” her marriage when she needs to take a look back on how her husband is the one who started all this. She will do anything in her power to stupidity embarrass herself of how much he cheated on her. Pure entertainment for myself since this is just an internet troll. I am not a home wrecker if I had no idea about this “wife” . Also keep my son out of your mouth and keep children out of this. Now I’m on this site and several other listed as a “home wrecker ” . Welcome .

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