Heather Rachelle Hymel – Denham Springs, Louisiana Louisiana


This lowlife bartender works in the Baton Rouge LA, and Denham Springs area. She’s a total lying piece of trash and a slut of the highest degree. She also likes to swing with married men also. She is a complete whore who is well known for targeting, picking up, going after married men that she works with. She will go after your husband and wreck your home. She doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she gets her bills paid because it’s all about using your man to pay her bills. All of them. She will look for a man with a decent life and a good job who she can go after. || || She has already slept multiple times with managers of restaurants where she had worked. She looks for an easy target and will go after your husband. Then she will target you. She will go out of her way to threaten to send people or hit men to harm your family and she will harass you and your family and friends. Anyone she can manage to text, get on social or interact with in any way! She’s a total user and a complete Whore who should be outed everyplace she goes. She doesn’t give a crap about your family or man at all. Only about how fat his wallet is or if he can pay her bills because she is a piece of Whore trash. She’s a thug who will bully you and your man to make herself feel better about herself. She has no confidence and looks for a weak target because she needs cash and constant validation. She’s worked at hooters, tilted kilt, BJs restaurant and Brewhouse, TJ Ribs and currently at Saltgrass steakhouse in Baton Rouge, LA. She goes after married men often and has been let go for sleeping with a manager at work. What a piece of shit. She will bankrupt your family and threaten your life, she will come after you and call and scream at you if you allow her to. She has assaulted one mans wife recently and has been guilty of battery in the past on her rap sheet. || || Watch out for this piece of ass skank in your area ladies. If she bothers you call the police. She will stalk you, your man and your family on social media and in real life as well. She belongs in jail and up on the biggest whore hall of fame page as well. She also loves sending out nude photos of herself to family and friends. She’s apparently very proud of being a low life homewrecking slut and wants to advertise the goods she’s offering.. she likes to show what she’s got and she is a mother of two small children! A swinger and a mother wow how awesome. Wait until her looks start fading in a few years and see what this desperate skank does then… who knows? She’s already 2 times divorced with 2 baby daddy’s. She is desperate to climb out of the trailer park by using your husband to do it.

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