Heather Rosekrans – Auburn, New York New York


This HOMEWRECKER Heather Rosekrans likes to talk the most sh#t. This scumbag and her ugly, crack head, lock jaw, coke dealing boyfriend aren’t sh#t, he sits in front of the xbox all day, no job, no nothing. This chick and her man sleep until 2 in the afternoon and leave her poor child awake by himself all morning with nothing to eat or anything. Poor kid, all these scumbags do is sniff coke and smoke pot in front of him, this woman is ruining her child’s life and should just give him up to his father where he’ll actually be loved and taken care of but you know sh#t mothers need the welfare food stamps and child support. This dirt bag got evicted from the Church Street Apartments for not paying her rent, when rent was basically free… lmfao. Now she lives with her bum boyfriends poor mother who they take advantage of and live off of, she lies to welfare so she can continue to sit on her a$$. This girl gets a job and works it long enough to quit and get unemployment because she’s so lazy. She claims she loves her man “whole heartedly” but lies and cheats on him constantly and sends dildo pictures to her ex’s, and takes her poor child to see random dudes at work behind her mans back. Constantly driving around with no license, getting ticket after ticket, getting arrested multiple times having to bail herself out. She’s cheated on every single boyfriend she’s ever had and that’s why nobody stays with her. She’s ran through and everyone has slept with this chick. She’s even admitted to having a body count of over 30. She’s overly obsessed with her mans ex girlfriend and can’t leave her alone, constantly hacking her accounts and making fake pages to stalk to her cause she needs to know her every move and why her boyfriend loves her so much. Watch out Miss Heather, she might just come and take your man while your out with one of her exes

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