Heather Truex- Warsaw, Indiana Indiana


This woman is the worst there is!!  She ruins families and friendships because she becomes friends with a woman and then sleeps with her husband behind her friends back!  She’s been married 4 times and today I saw she’s moven onto her 5th!  She finds a man, gets married and then divorces walking away with a paycheck!!  And her new man is a doctor!  She gets better at her game as she goes!  She is an alcoholic but hides it good!  All her “bad choices” she blames on drinking instead of accepting she is evil and doesn’t care what family she destroys!  The new doctor isn’t the first doctor.  That is what she wants!  A doctor husband!  This guy is an idiot if he hasn’t done some checking in on who he is letting into his bank account!!  Guess he didn’t notice she has no friends except one cause she is an evil person who uses people for what she can get!  He will notice when she goes through all his money and sleeps with all his friends!  Go to a local bar man, ask anyone about her!  You’d figure shit out!  Dr. Andy Anglemeyer is as dumb as she is a wh*re!

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