Heather Winslow – Concord, New Hampshire New Hampshire


Heather Winslow had watched my ex cheat on me for three years, she had wiped my tears and told me I could do better. So much so that when I had a new wonderful(or so I thought) boyfriend I celebrated my excitement of how I love his children and he treats me so well and I wanted a family with him. I introduced the two of them at our mutual friends children’s birthday party. Not long after they developed a ‘snap chat’ relationship without my knowledge, the only reason I found out was when she had an affair with a mutual friends significant other and I was informed because it came out when our mutual friend confronted her. I asked my boyfriend if they even discussed how it would hurt me if they did that and he said “no.” Some friend. DO NOT TRUST HER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! She wrecked not just mine but another person she considered a friends relationship. She’s a toxic person who doesn’t deserve true friendship.

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