Heidi Gomber – Pompano, Florida Florida


This message is a warning to all married women, cop wives, & women in a relationship with a male partner in the south Florida area.Specifically Pompano, Sunrise, Deerfield, & Lauderdale. Heidi G. is a 22 year old girl, I use the word girl because she’s certainly not a woman, who’s always on the look out for another man. She’s not seeking any relationship or true stability. She either sleeps with men for protection, money or pleasure. Around March I started shopping at her store, Racetrac on Oakland, because my husband told me about her & I had to see her for myself. My husband had been shopping at Racetrac months prior but in spring a new female employee started working there. She would occasionally flirt with him, which I’m fine with by the way since we’re separated, but then she took one comment too far. My husband, whose name I will not shame so I will call him Jean, called me when he left & told me what she said. Jean is a provider for our family so he has a decent paying job and it shows. One night while leaving she told him that when she gets off she wants to suck his d***. Jean kindly refused but even after she was persistent. He eventually left and told me but I was curious about this girl myself so I decided to visit the store while he was at work.I got myself aquatinted with some of the workers at the store and the patrol on watch. Boy did I find out a lot. I will not name names but at least a few guys in the patrol said they’ve “spuned” her around a few times. Apparently she’s also a well known “badge bunny” in the whole state of Florida. For the uninitiated, a badge bunny is a woman who has a fetish for cops and tries to sleep with as many as possible. Unfortunalty some of these men are married as well so shame on both, although she’s horrible for knowing that and to still attempt. One officer also told me she used to live upstate Florida until she was humiliated by an entire department, since she was with a decent amount of them while dating an officer. The stories her co workers told me are just as bad. Since she started working for the company, 4 years I believe, she’s had a hard time getting along with her female co workers since she’s either attempted or slept with their boyfriends/fiances. Even two employees seperately told me they’ve been with her too. For the next few months I was gathering evidence until one employee had told me a truth I had known. Jean had been seeing Heidi since she made that offer and she’s just disgusting. After I confronted Jean he told me the truth and more.She wanted to indulge in threesomes with him and another man but Jean also said he refused that.Once they got in an arguement and she told him I’ve got tens of f*** buddies so I don’t need you. This girl is just used up and washed out. It’s depressing for another woman or any woman to be like this. I just wanted all women who are aware to be careful of her. Before I could finally confront her she had just left her job to work at Sawgrass mall. Victoria’s Secret I believe, of course. I have the idea the same employee who told me about Jean is the same who warned her about me and that’s probably why she left. Even now she’s texting Jean. I wonder if God is watching all of this. Just be careful.

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