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This is a company that advertises casting. They put out that its mostly a direct booking but its not. Heather is just another casting agent. She advertises that most bookings come from direct bookings IF you subscribe to her services which cost you quite a lot of money. She advertises all the time for children and that they need children. What she really does is get you to pay your money, put up a website under her but does not get bookings. IF you are lucky enough to get something, its never a direct booking. Its with hundreds of other children which in of itself is ok but she does nothing but tell you its out of her control once you pay.. I know of several people that i have talked to that are very unhappy with what she describes as ‘busy” and they have only gone on one or 2 bookings, she is not a casting director, she is only a agent who sends you out on other postings found elsewhere. She might have a few of her own but for the most part,, its better you keep your money and go to a casting agent that sends you on referrels because that is what she does only YOU pay for it,,, The government is always warning you about paying for such a service and this is one, you might not want to pay your money to. I am not saying she or her company rips people off, but be warned, its NOT worth the money you are paying for. Your better off not paying and going with a agent of which sends you on the same jobs she does. .

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