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Complaint: Since 2014 when my wife inadvertently stepped into a Ponzi scheme in Hernando County involving the way payments are made through the county courthouse that are being invested in by local judges and police officers I have been imprisoned for no reason I have been beaten to the point of unconsciousness and then charged with a false allegation of battery on a Leo. I have been forced to take drugs while in the county jail against my will to the point of having to be psych evaluated and then admitted to Florida State Hospital because I was found unfit for trial after being poisoned by multiple medications. I was also beaten half to death to the point of unconsciousness and then giving a false charge of battery on a Leo shot with a pepper ball shotgun electrocuted by a taser and shot directly in the face and eyes with black Jesus mace my head was also slammed into the wall by booking officer and split open causing a seizure. After doing a year in jail because of gun charges they drummed up by me merely possessing my grandfather’s weapons he handed down to me in my home packed away safely I was released and went to Port st. Lucie because my wife had been directed to file a protection order against me and I lost my home and everything I had work for all my life after a year I was able to return to Hernando County after being raped and humiliated and treated like a slave by a woman I had to live with cuz I had nowhere else to go. I returned on Labor Day 2016 only to be met with the same treatment cloned phones accusations of drugs used to my family prompting my wife to fight me as I went to the same judge to put restraining order on me and got my child back because Hernando County closed down the visitation center due to budget cuts but can buy $17,000 cameras for their cars to scan license plates. The harassment grow intensely as Hernando County knows I am a political activists and analysts and have attracted the Secret Service to my house related to my predictions on Obama. Show up to this date I have been harassed followed by multiple people my car is been tampered with sabotage and wired with some kind of device my keys were stolen during a bogus DUI that they drummed up to try to destroy me they have use those keys to enter my home illegally placing objects in my house to let me know that they were there to cause fear they have sabotage my vehicles to try to kill me they have sabotage my vehicle to try to destroy my transportation they have manipulated court documents to make it seem like I am not allowed to see my child after my dissolution of marriage said I was they are now using Citrus County to slander me and basically do the same thing as they are as I have just found out there is an unwanted narcotics investigation against me when there is no reason whatsoever for this because I have been proactive in securing a psychiatrist and taking urinalysis to prevent my wife from lying in the courtroom after being told by the Hernando Sheriff’s Office. I am using methamphetamine which is not true. they are to the state continuing their harassment entering my home sabotaging my vehicles this morning when I awoke and I found a brand new screw in the wall with a piece of ham string tied to it a calling card that they offered leave to say haha we are in your house and you can’t do nothing about it we are violating your rights and you can’t do nothing about it they have blocked every attempt at me contacting Federal authorities to investigate them they have tampered with my phone Communications a direct violation of FCC and federal law period they are breaking all the color of law stipulations period I have paint a job several weeks ago a man had hounded me for a month to work for him as I am an irrigation Tech when I finally what you work for him I was fired by 12 noon that day because Sheriff’s officers informed him that I was a drug addict and it is not true and now I am broke and sitting in my home waiting for them to kill me or barge in here and put a gun in my hand after shooting me and say that I brandished a weapon against them. They have gone to every place I have tried to obtain a job or help and forwarded everything that I have done I am at their Mercy at this point all I can do is block use my political power and inform you all of my situation I need help desperately all lawyers please contact me on December 16th they gave me a false to you I simply because I had stopped the my vehicle on a country road because I was experiencing stroke-like symptoms when an officer approached me he asked me not if I was ok but three questions were you drinking were you drugging were you on prescription meds I told him I was on prescription meds he immediately yanked me from the car force me to a field sobriety test after I told him I’m handicapped and cannot pass the Heel To Toe portion period when I could not perform that the immediately brought me to the county jail under arrest into the testing room where they do the DUI test everything was coming out normal but when it came time to urinate he remove me from that secure environment away from the state’s camera into an area of the jail by booking in a holding cell where the cameras are not permitted to be sequestered into court and ask me to urinate there he then said that I refuse which is a bold-faced lie I’ve been to court on this matter shovel times being issued a public defender that is in cahoots with the court and tried to Railroad me into a plea bargain which I will not accept under any circumstances my hearing came up for the DMV my lawyer had told me he could get the tape from even the booking room the time came and went where he could get the tape and I lost the argument with the DMV hearing officer she also denied me due process by refusing me give me a continuance so I can obtain the tape legally through motion by Court the 42-day period that you aren’t giving to drive after a DUI was not explain to me or even told till 2 weeks later I sat in a house and literally starve to death because I could not drive it was afraid to get in any trouble period I have been fighting this for three years now I am exhausted I have just gotten my daughter back finally after she called me and said that you know that you can see me after two Sheriff’s officers pin me in the courthouse and detain me illegally while I was at a court hearing for this bogus DUI and handed me a falsified document which said that I could not see my daughter even after my final dissolution of marriage and final order from the judge on January 24th 2017 so for 4 months I have not seen my daughter finally I’ve gotten to see her those folders and documents were stolen from my house and replace with fresh ones with the date of January 10th setting them in line with the order of events of my court so that it would cover themselves of their illegal doings after the third appearance I had still not seen my attorney when I finally got to see him a pre-emptive his actions after the judge scolded him for not doing his job pre-empted him into saying that he wanted to psych eval me because using the term methamphetamine this is how the court has defamed me and justify their actions I made the lawyer that were so mad that he punched his face on his keyboard and up pop the video tape of the booking room evidence that I needed so badly he had it the whole time and I was did not use of it on purpose by the Hernando County courts manipulation of the situation when I have appeared in court after these events I have been met with empty courtroom after being told there was a hundred and ten people on the ballot because I called it said I would be a little late when I arrived I was met with a completely empty courtroom after being told the hundred and twenty people after being told the hundred and 10 people were on the docket it should have taken it till least 4 o’clock but I was brought into an empty locked courtroom that had to be specially open for me that judge then changed her tune from scolding my lawyer to sing to me Good morning mr. Young I was about to file a warrant for your arrest but mr. Bauer the public defender saved your butt period I then said Thank You mr. Bauer you are fired period since that time I’ve had to show up at a hearing for pre-trial instruction I was a little late as I am handicapped and cannot drive I was told there were 5 cases I arrive 20 minutes after 2 pm the set time. To once again find an empty courtroom with not even an infrared signature on the doorknob. It is clear to me that they are clearing courtrooms and setting aside empty courtroom so that I will not speak in front of the public cuz they know what I will do, out and call the police officer a liar . then if I’m not there at the stroke of two or whatever time they check a warrant was put out for my arrest which state tried I early to find me treating me like Al Capone over a first offense DUI that’s not even true in the first place I finally hired an attorney and threw my hands up and I am still being her a*s constantly the balls of these people is incredible. They don’t care about anything at all they have blocked me from federal websites which is against the law even post as phony FBI agents telling me that I have to call somebody else in that I was not supposed to call there even though the FBI homepage says that public corruption is their main concern under color of law period I have even spoken to of expert witness name Dean Tong who informed me that Hernando county is notorious for not caring at all about the FBI or federal authorities period so here I sit on this day trying to inform you I have made 5 attempts at this and my story has deleted by the corners you are calling my phone the Hernando County deleted by the corners you are calling my phone the Hernando County Sheriff’s they don’t want me deleted by the corners you are calling my phone the Hernando County Sheriff’s they don’t want me deleted by the corners you are calling my phone the Hernando County Sheriff’s they don’t want me to do deleted by the corners you are calling my phone the Hernando County Sheriff’s they don’t want me to deleted by the corners you are calling my phone the Hernando County Sheriff’s they don’t want me to deleted by the corners you are calling my phone the Hernando County Sheriff’s they don’t want me to do deleted by the corners you are calling my phone the Hernando County Sheriff’s they don’t want me to do deleted by the corners you are calling my phone the Hernando County Sheriff’s they don’t want me to do deleted by the cloners who are cloning my phn. they do not want to be exposed but I feel that the only way to come back then they do not want to be exposed but I feel that the only way to combat them is to drag them into the light like cockroaches that they are someone please contact me and give me some help. Thank you

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

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Website: Hernando sheriff.org

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