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Complaint: Final email sent to them, or tried to send in various ways and links. First of all your program when disconnected isn’t showing my real and actual IP address now. It now says my real IP and ID is in freaking Kenosha Wisconsin!Second. Like how is an older disabled person like me going to know how to copy sensitive documents that I have never needed before when purchasing any g* thing online. Now you demand my info being a so-called protector of information? Then market the lying as for my safety and smooth sales? WTF. Are you freaking nuts and liars?And, it’s actually a mis-leading sales gimmick since really it’s a SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE among other things that are not mentioned. Then get a run-around and 404s when trying to contact you with the links you provided.Then you expect us all to have scanners and everything you do just to get a d* purchase? Online no less! I have never ever done that and never ever had an issue with PayPal or with any orders over the years, NONE. There should be no d* issues with me or my long used PP or email account and I dislike scamming and phishing. Send me all of your info first, everyone and all of it okay? Local PC techs said this is PHISHING AND SMELLS ROTTEN.Oh wait, I’ll rush out and buy a d* scanner so I can be phished and make a stupid online secure payment that you decide is NOT good enough for only you? So now with my other info you await to give me a stupid purchase unless you get the info email to you and emaied only? When no other emails or contact info works with you?THEN YOU DECIDE AND F* LET ME KNOW SOMETHING AND THEN I CAN COMPLAIN TO OFFICIALS ABOUT THIS AND SEE WHAT THEY SAY.Smooth and easy and secure transaction my butt. This site and and email thing won’t even function to contact your company. UNQUOTE I have never had a business not accept my Yahoo email becauses of your own special reasons OF BEING WITH NO REAL NAME AND ANNONYMOUS. Huh? You took my PP account infomation then sent me a automated text saying you found my info to be high risk security issue and must send my government ID’s with pictures to you…AND YOU “PROMISE TO DESTROY ALL YOUR REQUIRED INFORMATION i SEND TO YOU.”” Scum and the checks in the mail you lousy California dip stick s* I have found no way and spent hours trying to find a way to contact you or your company to rectify these issues

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Address: but you are impossible to contact or try to repeatedly use your online FAQs and contacts. After this I will go to Cnet and ask why they support people like you and report millions using your service happily. BS I hope you try to use my info to rip me off cause I will go straight to the legal system unless this s* is allowed in stinking anti-Aerican * filled freaky California like mos other business and stupity is found. “”This message was created automatically by SMTP2GO. Mail delivery failed : returning message to sender (again?) Please contact administrator of yahoo.com domain if ****-**-*** this was a legitimate mail.”” A message that you sent could not be delivered to all of its recipients.This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:”” What a waste of time and have to deal with a screwed up PC now thanks to your rip-off scamming crap. …. Now I don’t know what will happen to the info they have or just how much they really have and then wanting more. Or making it impossible to contact them. Scum”


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