High Energy Concepts west palm beach Florida


Complaint: Alright sorry for anyone who is actually interested in a job like this but trust me you can do better and find better than this. This is a commision based paid job, you’re better off selling cars or something more serious. I had an unsual experience with this High Energy Concept company, in my opinion it is a strange company that’s disorganized, doesn’t really provide a career, and a complete waste of time. I found this ad online stating no experience neccessary we will train you. I was desperate so i contacted them, I talked to the girl on the phone and she gave me the address but the zip code was incorrect, she did not tell me if i needed to bring anything, i had to actually call back the next day and ask her what should i bring for the interview, she said just bring a resume. I went for an interview i saw a couple of people there, there was an unsual tall white guy there at the interview who started talking and looking at all of us. I believe he was acting like he was going for an interview. He sat for a couple of minutes and walked out saying out loud “I have better things to do than this i gotta go””. So he didn’t really have an interview and just left. The other thing that was strange

Tags: Cult Organizations

Address: when Ren interviewed me

Website: remind you he didn’t even tell me which position i was going to get training for

Phone: he asked me what position i’m applying for

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