Highland Park Furniture Tampa Florida Review


I made a purchase in Tampa Florida at Macy’s Furniture Outlet also known as Highland Park Furniture. They had a big sign/billboard that said Macy’s Furniture Outlet. I made a purchase of several furniture pieces becasuse I thought I was getting a Macy product. Once I got home and the items were delivered I then realized that the furniture was not in fact a Macy product. It turns out the furniture was a low end furniture. When I explained to the sales guy that I trusted Macy’s name he agreed with me and told me how Macy’s has been around for a long time and their furniture was pure quality. The furniture was a low end furniture that wasn’t a Macy’s brand. In fact non of the furniture was a Macy brand. When I talked to the store manager and explained my concern she just said sorry, all sales are final. She could careless about anything I had to say. I called Macy’s because I was so upset that they were willing to let someone mis represent their name and Macy’s didn’t want to be involved and just said, sorry were not affiliated with that store. So as the Consummer you will get taken like me and over pay for a low end product and not know unitil later when it’s too late that you’re over paying for junk. This is an unfair trap. Please take my word for it and do not shop at Macy’s furniture outlet.

2320 W. Hillsborough Ave Tampa, Florida United States of America



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