Highlands Handy Services, LLC. Review


Highlands Handy Services-John LeBois was contracted to do some work at our home. He completed about 2/3rds of this work. Then he stated he needed the rest of the money for his son and asked for it in advance. He promised he would complete the rest of the work to my approval. However after I fronted him the rest of this money he failed to show up and then became unresponsive to my texts and calls when I asked if when he was going to come back to finish the job. I am a single parent so it is not like I have extra money to fund his extra curicular activtities. Of the work he did do I have had significant problems with the electrical, and now need to hire a certified electircian to repair. One of the circuits flickers constantly like a strobe light even after having the light changed several times, and one of the lights he changed outside of our home now will not work at all even after changing the light. He was also supposed to add weather stripping under one of our doors and we have now received damage because of this. He was hired to do triim throughout our home and in many areas the trim is still missing or was never calked. Just very poor and incomplete work!! Overall I would say that it has cost us money to hire him because he not only did not finish the jobs he was contracted to do but he messed up what he actually did and now it requires additional repair. Do yourself a favor and find a different Handy Man this one will end up costing you money!

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