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They Don’t Listen

My meetings and phone calls with the people at Hightower Bethesda have been very disappointing lately. That’s what I have chosen to write a review about their service. The advisors at Hightower Bethesda don’t listen to you and don’t give you enough time. At least that’s what I have noticed in my experience. These people claim to believe in ‘family values’ but that’s a white lie. I have been very disappointed with the way they talk to me and handle my appointments.

There are so many financial advisors out there that you don’t necessarily need to hire one person because of their expertise. You can find a financial expert quite easily in Bethesda. What makes one financial advisor stand out from the rest of the others is his or her client service. And in the case of Hightower Bethesda, I have noticed that these people don’t care for any of that. The client service at this place is pathetic. I won’t name any names in my review because I don’t want to defame any particular person. However, I would say this:

Hightower Bethesda’s staff is very disrespectful towards its clients. They don’t provide good client service. You won’t get heard here, which is quite annoying.

Short Meetings

The meetings I get with my advisors from this company are too short. I don’t get to discuss important topics properly. Moreover, I have noticed that the advisors don’t listen to me properly during those meetings, which just makes matters worse for me. It’s very infuriating to work with such professionals who don’t give you enough time. These are my finances and I deserve to be heard from my service providers. Not only that, but they are also getting paid to do this. 

Before, the meetings used to be good and the advisors would listen to me properly. But they have degraded substantially in client service. I don’t think I would be able to keep this up for very long. It feels insulting when the advisors don’t talk to you properly during the meetings. What’s more irritating is how they respond to criticism. I have tried to share my discontentment with the way they talk to me during the meetings but they never respond professionally. They dismiss my criticism as if it shouldn’t exist. In my opinion, that’s the worst quality a service provider can possess in any industry. 

Don’t Listen to You

It seems to me that the advisors at this place have lost focus on what their priorities should be. I have sensed that they don’t listen to me during our meetings. Believe me, when your advisor doesn’t remember crucial details from your last meeting, you know they have stopped paying attention to you. It’s very probable that they don’t even remember this happening. That’s why it has become very annoying to work with those guys. Hightower should take notice of this complaint and take action against its Bethesda branch. Because if they keep it up, they will start losing clients and I don’t think the upper management would like that. In any case, the people at Hightower Bethesda are putting a bad name to the finance industry. 

When your wealth manager doesn’t listen to you, miscommunication occurs. You’d think they are planning on doing something you talked about in the meeting when they aren’t. Communication gaps occur and things become more irritating. 

Hightower Bethesda Review: Conclusion

The advisors at Hightower Bethesda don’t listen to you properly, don’t like to hear criticism, and treat you disrespectfully. I won’t recommend doing business with those people. It would be much better to work with someone that’s far more professional and eloquent in client service. There are plenty of wealth planners in Bethesda other than these people.

My experience with Hightower Bethesda has taught me how useless financial advisors are. Personally, I don’t think anyone should do business with the Bethesda branch of Hightower. I also think Hightower should take notice of this review and take action against these advisors. These people are putting a bad name to the financial industry. 

If you don’t mind being disrespected by your wealth advisors, then Hightower Bethesda is the perfect company for you.

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