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Hightower Naples – Incentive Focused Liars

Hightower is a network of highly sophisticated and experienced financial advisors. Thatís why I chose to work with them. However, my experience with Hightower Naples has been terrible. I have noticed that the people at this particular firm are too focused on their incentives and so, they focus on a specific organizationís products whenever they recommend an investment to me. It has happened so often that I couldnít resist complaining about it. I donít think financial advisors from such a prestigious firm should behave like this. They are giving deceitful advice to their clients to get more incentives, which is a horrible way to operate. You donít expect such behaviour from such a high-level company. If I knew I would have to work with a bunch of greedy incentive-focused financial advisors, I wouldnít have chosen Hightower Naples at all. 

Hightower Naples has greedy wealth advisors who sell investment products of certain organizations to their clients. These people are focused on their incentives rather than their clientís financial health. They lie to you, and decieve you to make this happen. Thatís why I donít recommend working with these people.

There are plenty of other financial advisory firms in Naples, I could have contacted any of those. It was a mistake to stick with these people. 

When you choose a prestigious financial advisory firm such as Hightower Naples, you expect proper advice. You expect them to listen to you and understand your financial goals and requirements. 

It was really shocking for me to realise that the advisors at this place werenít concerned about my financial well-being. If I wanted to work with greedy and selfish advisors, I would have simply worked with a smaller firm with no reputation. Thereís a big reason why I chose to work with Hightower Naples. They have the name ďHightowerĒ in them.

This brand allows them to levy extra charges because the name Hightower is a prestigious name. You wouldnít doubt for a minute that the advisor is caring and confident about you. It is highly probable that other financial advisors affiliated with the Hightower network donít behave like the ones in Naples. Thereís a huge possibility that the number of such financial advisors who focus too much on incentives rather than their clients is low. But it would be quite difficult for me to trust any financial advisor after seeing how these people handled my account. 

Instead of helping me, these people are using me. When you work with a wealth management firm, you donít expect them to abuse their knowledge and power. You think you are going to get good financial advice and suggestions from an expert point of view. Thereís no way youíd expect them to sell you products from a particular company irrespective of its qualities or alignment with your financial goals. 

I believe they are a group of salespeople who are focused on making the most incentives. Thatís why I donít think anyone should take the risk of doing business with these people. I have noticed it multiple times and as a client, I can assure you, itís the worst thing that can happen to you. These people have lost all the credibility for me. Itís a big reason why I wrote this review. 

About Hightower Naples

Hightower is a renowned network of experienced financial advisors. They have offices all over the country. Hightower Naples is one of those offices. Itís complete address is 9045 Strada Stell Ct Suite 303, Naples, FL, 34109, US. They claim to follow a ďcomprehensive approach to meet the needs of their clientsĒ. However, thatís a misleading statement. They have a comprehensive plan, but from my experience and my opinion, not to help you grow. Their comprehensive plan is to help them make the most sales. I have noticed it multiple times whenever they suggest a new investment. 

They are not wealth advisors. These people are sales people working for a specific organization. In other words, they are liars and untrustworthy. I donít think anyone risk doing business with these unreliable professionals. 

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