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2 months ago, i was approached about helping Nigel Lew aka Richard Castaldo and he told me he’d pay 300$ in advance for work on Hitching.it and 200$ after the work is done, i agreed, he made a note in the invoice that I would be paid for my work. Because I am overseas, he scamed me and took my work. I reported him to authority for his nonsense. They will maybe bust him. So I began working with him, and trusted he would pay me for my work. I started to get uneasy when he was asking me to write articles and other garbage but not work on the site. Well, all that passed, and he decided to take my work and not pay me. He thinks he’s got over there at Digital Point, he really not. They ban me (user name is RECEP) because I spoke my mind about how he duped me once when I hired him. This guy is a crook, he goes by Richard Castaldo and Nigel Lew. He treats people like dirt, and I just want my money owed to me. DO NOT HIRE or WORK WITH THIS MAN!! You will learn he likes scaming people overseas because we cannot do anything. He’s trash and will get cought soon.

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