HOBBIES DISCOUNTS Orlando Florida Review


I ordered a FLYING FISH at HOBBIES DISCOUNT over a month and a HALF AGO and I still do not have it….. I have emailed them multiple times and all of a sudden I get a and email from Chris Oliver and he says my purchase is in the shop and getting ready to be shipped I wrote back and said ” ITS BEEN OVER A MONTH”” where is it… NO RESPONSE Since then I have emailed 6 times and no response. I am seeing RIP OFF REPORTS now popping up so I guess I am not th only sucker that got screwed… Sad..I ordered it for my little child for his birth day and THEY RIPPED ME OFF… My attorney says its fraud so I will let him chase it. Its not a lot of money but I HATE THESE LOSERS taking your money!”

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