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Complaint: I am a mother of two teenage boys. One which was born with a severe liver desease. He has had several surgeries since his birth and is now 15 but has to take life saving medications to stay alive. TCH/Marijuana is one of the main things that was pushed to me since his irth that would kill my son if he ever used it. Therefor I’ve always been quit honest w/my children about the cons of all drug use. My mother whom left me when I was 3 came back into my life around age 14. That didn’t last many years because soon after I then reolised that she was not whatI needed in my life. Turns out she was bi-polar/skitzophrenic.And could be quit violent and manipulating. This manipulation even carried thru to my life as a mother because she wanted to push herself on my children to maybe fix in her mind what she had given up with me as a child..After many years of her pushy ad hateful ways. I told her she could not see my children or me anymore. I was tired of it. She even went as far as to make many false reports to CYFD over the years against myself and my husband because I had cut off all communications with her crazy a*s. Which brings me to my current situation……… After not seeing her for almost a year…..my mother shows up at my door begging to see my kids. Claimed she was dying. I allowed my youngest…the one w/the liver problems , to go see her in Hobbs , NM. Lea county. On the understanding that she’d not start her drama anymore. This only lasted 2 days. my husband and I were forced to go to court over each other. He had pushed me in a heated arguement….which we never do,we are not a agressive family…..and although neither of us wanted to press charges , the DA’s office pushed the issue because apparently we don’t have the civil rights the government says we do. When we want to police to help they never do and when we don’t want their help , they force themselves on us. Just the first example of our good ol’ tax dollars at work. Anyway , when my husband and I went to court my mother shows up but does not have my son with her . She had left him in Hobbs with my meth addicted brother apparently. In the courtroom she persists to accuse me of allowing my husband to cook meth at our home and neglecting & beating my children. First of all. I DO NOT do drugs and neither does my husband or children. It’s not a part of our lives. And I would never hurt my children. Itold the courts they was welcome to test everyone in our home anytime they wished. My mother didn’t like the judges decission and proceeded to follow myself , my friends , my family around town that day making threats towards our lives. I had to have Hobbs P.D. escort me to her house in Lea County to get my son from her home. She was refusing to let me out. Claiming she had grandparent rights. HA! Needless to say , the police made her let his go with me because that’s what he wanted to do and because I am his legal guardian/mother. Since then I’ve evn had to put a restraining order on my mother to keep her away from my family. She resorted to making threats towards our lives. anyway , back to the issue of my son…… Half way on our way home my son tells me that his grandma gave him marijuana. I was very very upset . She knows that could kill him. He swears he wasn’t gonna use any….it was just because he thaught the leaves were cool that he kept it . As soon as we got home , I made an audio recording and a video recording of my son stating where he got the marijuana from then I called the Hobbs police and the Sheriffes office to tell them what was going on. The lady I spoke with….name not sure…..told me to throw the drug away and assured me that she would have TASK go to my mother’s home with a warrent to check her house. But nothing was ever done !!!! My son even witnessed that she was growing it in her home and that there was other drug use in and around her home by other family members…I.E. Meth , Heroin & marijuana. She claims she has her “green card”” so she can grow her own. But even if that is so

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Address: it should not be okay for her to give it to a minor child

Website: Hobbs, New Mexico United States of America

Phone: especially one in my son’s medical state. She even went as far as to call my cousin and try to have him come to our house and steal the marijuana back from my son to cover her a*s. She told my cousin that my son stole it from her. Very grandmotherly of her

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