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We are a boat dealer and we hired this company to transport a boat that was just appraised at $77,000. We have shipped approximately 200 boats in the last 12 months and have never had such a bad experience with a transport company before. Within 5 minutes of leaving the boat ramp the driver wrecked the boat into a tree. We come to find out that the insurance policy they claimed to have expired in 2012. How does a towing / transport company operate without insurance? They lied and said they had progressive. Dave the owner of the company will not call us back. He puts one of his mechanics on the phone when we call who says he is unavailable. He has been unavailable for close to a month now – busy guy. We got an estimate to fix the damages. The scrapes go 15 feet, he ripped a fiberglass vent off the side, destroyed the rub rail, bent the railing, ripped the horn off, etc. The boat is not sellable until the work is completed which was estimated at about $4,000. Dave made us a very generous offer of having one of his drivers come by to fix the damages. His drivers do not even have teeth why would I let them get near our boat? Half of them look like they have been doing crystal meth since grade school. He is refusing to talk to my insurance company, will not speak with us, it looks like we will now have to get our attorneys involved. If he had a single brain cell left he would realize that screwing a boat dealer over that ships 5 boats a week is probably not the smartest decision. I advise everyone to stay away from this company. They are incredibly rude and incompetent. Dave is a total piece of work and from what I am reading he is running his father’s company straight into the ground. .

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