Holiday Inn Altoona Pennsylvania Review


This horrific story seems to be ongoing as I attempt day after day to get my money back. The beginng:nI checked in to what appeared to be a courteous, clean hotel. This in the end was not the case, but I need not go into details regarding the cleanliness. Let me just mention that if you have an allergy to mildew, perhaps this isn’t the hotel for you. nAnyways, when my friend and I checked in my receipt for half the room said $47.98 (+tax)..not exact penny, but you understand. However, when I woke up, my receipt under my door stated $149.39. When I phone Matt at the front desk, his famous line was “Our rates do change day to day””. Hmmm…$100 increase seems like a bit. So after pitching a fit and Matt reluctantly refunding money

I was content. nOnce I got home later that day

my acct. showed a little more than a refund. How about numerous additional charges (overdrafting my bank acct. by this point) and a few credits. My husband and I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. So I called the hotel and spoke with Mindy who stated “”I’ll take care of it””. nToday

I check my acct. and not only did she NOT take care of it

but there were MORE charges on the acct. Are you serious?! So I called and Jody stated “”I’ll take care of it in 10min.””. Jody

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