Hollie Jo Kamphues – Los Angeles, California California


Hollie Jo Kamphues from Los Angeles, CA has been behind the pain and trauma that my now ex-boyfriend has put me through. She feeds his ego all day everyday since my birthday when we were still together and I was living with him. Constantly sending him disgusting pictures of herself and flirting and telling him how great and amazing he is. All the while he mentally would torture me by putting me down and criticizing every single thing about me until I couldn’t take it anymore and was crying on floor. Then he would blame me and get mad at me for not having sex with him and not treating him like some amazing person on a pedestal like “Hollie”. When I finally found out about this pathetic excuse for a woman I sent her a message telling her everything I had been through with him hoping she would just go the away and find some other guy that doesn’t wanna be with her, to send him messages all day telling him how great he is. But no she continues to do it every single day! So pathetic! at 39 years old if you were such a great person why doesn’t ANYONE want to be with you Hollie Jo?!?! Such a waste of a human. Worthless contributing zero to society. Go back where you came from so you can find a 20 something year old to take your box-office job which would be more appropriate than your desperate a**. You have ruined my life which I have told you, and you continue anyways! You are so pathetic I wish you would see the pain your desperate pathetic selfishness has caused another human and just move on with your life!

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