Hollie Taylor – Spokane, Washington Washington


This chick, that I believe works with my husband, has been carrying on a full on emotional and sexual affair with my husband, knowing very well that he is married. I’very been included in the conversations via text. Thyou have detailed everyou encounter they have had in the text messages and both have been sending full on nudes to each other. My husband and I have been togethere 9 years and there are 3 children involved. The sleeze is now trying to blame me (naturally) and is completely unremorseful. He claims to be a Christian man. Portrays himself to be so easy going to loving when really he’s a cheating homewrecker, just as much as she is. Watch for this old hag, ladies. She could be after your husband next. And she’s shameless too. I’ve got all the pictures to prove it!

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