Holly Beasley – Vass, North Carolina North Carolina


She has four children. She has a man that works hard and provides well for her and her kids. I believe one child is his. The other three are by different guys. She goes after married men. She dresses like a hooker in front of her kids and other people’s kids. There’s pictures of someone’s kids in the background of a pic of her dressed like a whore and with a liquor bottle. Im assuming she was partying around these children and whomever else was not seen in the pic. Her guy is really stupid or just so in love with her, he doesn’t do anything about her cheating. In fact, he does everything you could want a man to do for ya, as far as being a family man, good dad, hard worker etc. Maybe I’m crazy or judgemental but I want to beat her ass along with the married guys who cheat with her. She’s a drug addict and this I do know. I’ve known her for years and know the addictions from crack to meth. CPS has been called. So far, nothing has changed but I think she’s being investigated. In the pic, she’s on the right. Eeew.

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