Holly Puska – Benton, Arkansas Arkansas


This is Holly Puska. She has been having an affair with my husband Chad for 10 months. We’ve been together for almost 9 years with 4 boys between us. I discovered their affair last month and filed for a divorce. Initially I believed Holly that she didn’t know he was married but as the weeks have gone on things didn’t add up. What I know now is they met at a football game last fall and began a sexual affair that Christmas. She knew he was married WITH children! She knew we put an offer in on our first home on Christmas Eve and she even stayed with him in our home after we closed on it several times before I could relocate with our kids to join him in my dream home! She slept with my husband in my bed in my dream home before I’d even moved in or slept in my house! To make matters worse she or he passed on chlamydia to the other and I got it too!! As if things weren’t bad enough and awful I had to deal with the humiliating truth that this woman knowingly carried on with my husband and he gave me an std! They are still together even after she and I have spoken several times about his lies. Woman to woman she is the worst kind person. She knew he was married and pursued the relationship and without regard for me or my boys wellbeing helped destroy my life and my dreams. And she calls herself a nurse? Isn’t she supposed to help people? Heal them? Care for them? Smh shameful!

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