Holly Schwartz (Corley) – Lexington, South Carolina South Carolina


My brother met this girl who he was madly in love with. Come to find out she’s married. Her husband finds out and she gets kicked out of her house. Ever since they met my brothers life has only went down hill. No one in our family accepts her nor likes her. We had always noticed she followed my husband around, anytime he went outside there she went. She was way to close way to clingy. Her husband found out about my brother and kicked her out, and filed for divorce. She was basically homeless. My brother and her stayed at our parents for a little while and then they had enough. Having a place to go but not wanting to go there we agreed to let her stay in our spare bedroom until we moved. She wouldn’t get up until 10 or 11, and she would leave right away, but when my husband would come home from work shed be right there and want to stay up all night. I told my husband I didn’t like how she was acting, and he told her to back off. Well she didn’t, things only got worse. One evening she was cooking in the kitchen, and I was sitting where she couldn’t see me, I watched her rub my husbands arm and stare him down while he was sweeping. I immediatly got our kids and left, only to come back and find her kissing my husband. They both ended up leaving and she filled my husbands head with all sorts of lies and almost cost him his job. I talked to her husband and everything she had been telling us was lies. She admitted to stealing from our parents and much more. She claimed she was my kids Aunt and then said she would be step mom. She ended up stealing all of his money and running back to my brother when my husband confronted her on all of her lies. She screened my husbands text and calls, and didn’t want him to even see his kids. She’s 30 something years old and only seeks attention from men. She cant keep a job and expects whoever shes with to not have a job either so she knows what they are doing and where they are 24/7. She uses all kind of excuses to pull them in and feel bad and all she does is whine and cry. I’m currently giving my husband a second chance and he apologizes daily and regrets ever letting her come in our house. I just wish my brother would now realize she’s only ruining his life.

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